Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sunshine Salad

Also know as...The Wedgie Salad Bar

This was a big hit at a BBQ we had this past weekend. I got the idea from Robin Sue at www.BigRedKitchen.com but put a new twist on it. With two wonderful helpers by my side, Trinity and Julia, we arranged the salad to look like the sun and gave it a new name - The Sunshine Salad! We drizzled the wedges with 3 different salad dressings and arranged all the toppings around the platter so that people could decorate their own salad to their liking. Both the adults and the kids had fun with this one!

The Sunshine Salad

1-2 heads iceberg lettuce, cored and cut into wedges (Use a plastic knife so the lettuce does not brown)
Dressings of your choice
1 pound crispy crumbled bacon
1 cucumber, chopped
6 hard boiled eggs, chopped (optional)
1-2 c. shredded cheese
2-3 tomatoes, chopped

Place lettuce wedges on a round platter and arrange wedges to look like the rays of the sun. Drizzle with your favorite salad dressing(s). Place a small bowl of shredded cheese in the center. Place all other ingredients in small bowls around the platter. Let your guests pick their own wedgies and toppings.

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