Thursday, March 15, 2012

Star Wars Cupcakes

I was playing around in the kitchen the other day. Wanted to play with a new Star Wars stencil set that I bought at Williams Sonoma. My 5 year old is into Star Wars everything right now so he was super excited to see what I was up to. I baked a boxed cake mix {gasp}, topped it with a dollop of buttercream icing, then rolled out a thin circle of fondant and placed it on top of the cupcake. Using the stencil I sprinkled some cocoa powder on top of the cupcakes and ta-da...Star Wars Cupcakes. I think I will use the stencils and powdered sugar on some pancakes next, or even french toast. Star Wars characters can spruce up a lot of things!

1 comment:

  1. Love the powdered sugar on pancakes or french toast idea! What a fab breakfast surprise for my Star Wars obsessed boys (4.5 & 6.5).

    Don't know how I could have missed them in the WS catalog, which I thoroughly savor every time it arrives in my mailbox.

    Gonna have to dash out ASAP & grab a set of these stencils.