Thursday, March 22, 2012

Culinary School - Finals....Part 2

I am officially done with culinary school. My last final is over and all my grades have been submitted. I ended this quarter with all A's. That means I was a straight A student during my entire time at The Art Institute of Michigan. But more importantly, I had so much fun and learned a TON! I stepped out of my comfort zone (after being a stay-at-home-mom for 5 years), replaced my jeans and t-shirt with chef whites and non-skid shoes and went after my dream. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and boy does it feel wonderful!

Here's a quick look at my final for Artisan Breads. My group had to make 8 different doughs and shape then accordingly. We made: Challah, Soft Rolls, Baguettes, Regular Sourdough, Sourdough with Cheese, Olive Sourdough, Monkey Bread, and Portuguese Sweet Bread. Once all the bread was baked and cooled we had to set up a display and talk to the chef individually about each bread that we made. My group worked so well together and we ended the class with a bang! Check out all of our bread! We had so much bread that I couldn't even fit it all in the picture!

Graduation is this Saturday! What an exciting day it will be. Stay tuned for some graduation pictures...

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