Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Culinary School - Finals....Part 1

It's finals week! I will graduate this Saturday with a Certificate in Professional Baking & Pastries. It's a one year program and that year could not have flown by any faster!

For the final in my Showpieces class, we were paired in small groups and had to create a themed showpiece out of "dead dough". The dead dough contains no yeast so what you see is what you get...the bread looks the same before and after you bake it in the oven except with some browning. Dave and I choose an African theme. Our showpiece includes a drum, tooth necklace, totem poles, shield, feathers, and a giselle head. In the picture it is hard to see how big it is but it was tall!

Another view plus a couple of pieces that my classmates made:

For my Advanced Cake Decorating class we had to create a 3+ tiered wedding cake in fondant. I went for a more non-traditional cake and here's how it turned out.

Stay tuned to hear how the rest of finals week goes...

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