Thursday, July 26, 2012

John Deere Tractors

I grew up on a farm in Indiana so I know good and well what a John Deere tractor looks like! :)  I had a blast making these cookies for a cute little boy about to turn 2 years old. This little man lives in Iowa so this was my first "long-distance" order.  I was a little hesitant to do it but I figured, why not give it a try? I'm glad I took some before pictures because unfortunately none of them made it there in one piece. :(  Apparently Iowa is too far away from Michigan to ship cookies no matter how much bubble wrap and "FRAGILE" stickers you put on the box! Oh well, lesson learned and hopefully they were still able to eat some of them! Happy birthday P!

On a side note, there are many people on Etsy that sell decorated sugar cookies and will ship to anywhere in the U.S.  If I have any readers that do this, can you offer up some advice? What did I do wrong?  What can I do differently if there is ever a next time? Thanks so much!


  1. Hi Kathie,
    I haven't shipped cookies but I have ordered them. I get them from a place in Mass. I am in Jersey. I order cookies and fudge from them. I notice that they use a box in a box method. Meaning the cookies are wrapped individually and boxed with bubble wrap, then that box is wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed in another box. Hope this helps but even broken I bet your cookies were delish!!!

  2. Hi Lysa,
    Thanks so much for your post! I believe the problem is that I did not put my cookie box inside of another box (like you said). I did individually wrap each cookie and I did use lots of bubble wrap around them however I did not put that box inside of another padded box. Thanks for the tip! I will try that next time. :)