Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CSA Update

I am just LOVING our veggie box that we get from our CSA (community share agriculture)!!! I'm so glad my neighbor asked us to split a share with them.  Even with 1/2 a share, we have more than enough veggies to last us for the week and there's always something new in it for us to try.

Here's last week's box. We received Sugar Ann snap peas, asparagus (a fave of mine!), swiss chard, kale, butterhead lettuce, and some fresh parsley.

Today's box was overflowing! We received a huge, gorgeous head of romaine lettuce, some Ruby red leaf lettuce, swiss chard, napa cabbage, Korridor kohlrabi, peas, garlic, onions and onion blossoms.

Wondering what Korridor kohlrabi is? I know I was clueless!  It is something like a turnip, but grows above the ground.  The leaves are similar to kale and quite edible; the round bulb holds sweet and crisp flesh under a couple of layers of fibrous skin.  Once the bulb is peeled and cut in slices, it was quite delicious dipped in a little ranch dressing! I hope we get more later this summer because I really liked it!

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  1. My nephew and "niece" (his girlfriend) have a "farm share" and my son went with them today to get their veggies. They go to the organic farm and have to go into the field to pick their veggies. I haven't heard yet what they got, hopefully I'll get a full report tomorrow. I really must look for a CSA group in our area. Thanks for sharing.