Saturday, November 19, 2011


Several weeks ago I met up with a college friend who was visiting her parents for the week. I hadn't seen her for a long time and it was so wonderful to sit and catch up. Her little boy and nephew were there too so C and K had just as fun of a time as I did! During our stay, Rachel's mom made this meal for us. It was delicious and perfect for the cold, windy, rainy day that it was. It kind of reminds me of those "walking tacos" only we ate ours in bowls.

The recipe was designed to feed a large group...aka a {fiesta} party! So you may want to cut it in half like I did!

Source: Rachel H.

Meat sauce:
5 lb. hamburger
3 onions
2 Large cans tomatoes (48 oz)
1 Large can tomato sauce (48 oz)
2 small cans tomato puree
4 T. chili powder
2-3 T. garlic salt
1 large can chili beans

Cook meat and onion until brown, add other ingredients and simmer for 1 hour or longer in crock pot. Serve on top of Frito chips or white rice. Then top with any or all of the following:

* shredded cheddar cheese
* shredded lettuce
* diced tomatoes
* diced onions
* slice black olives
* pecan pieces
* shredded coconut
* Hot sauce

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