Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow! These last couple weeks have been busy!!! Where has the time gone? It's been a few weeks since I last updated you on my culinary classes so here it goes.

Last Thursday in my Sanitation and Safety class we took the ServeSafe certification. It's a pass or fail thing but I won't find out for another 2 or 3 weeks. I'm pretty confident I passed and it feels great to have that done and over with. There were lots of times, temperatures and terms memorized for that test!

Are you wondering what I've been cooking in class lately? Two weeks ago I learned how to debone a chicken, make coq au vin and sauteed chicken chardonnay. We also made grilled asparagus and fried chicken (which we dredged in flour FOUR times!)

This past Friday I burned my hand really bad. The "REALLY" in that previous sentence is not an understatement. It was bad. We were learning how to make Trout Meuniere and as I flipped over my piece of rainbow trout in the saute pan, the hot oil that it was cooking in came splashing back at me. It covered a large part of the top of my hand and going on up past my wrist. You can see exactly where all the splatter marks are. It hurt - bad! I immediately put some burn spray on it and have been keeping Neosporin on it as much as I can. Today it is starting to blister. My only hope is that it doesn't leave a big scar.

So last week we made potato dauphinois (like scalloped potatoes), trout meuniere (amazing!), beer battered onion rings, fish and chips, creamed spinach, grilled rainbow trout, braised chicken, as well as mayo, tartar sauce, and horseradish cream from scratch! I plan to put some of these recipes on my blog once I get a chance to make them at home.

Only 3 weeks left of this quarter and then I'll start all new classes. Have a wonderful day!

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