Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Snowmen

My almost-4-year-old and I had so much fun in the kitchen this morning! Isn't this family of snowmen the cutest?!?!?! I got a little extra creative and made the little babies by using pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows. I am in love with them!

The idea of using mini M&M's to decorate the snowmen came from a blog called Speckled Egg.

The idea of this cute couple came from a blog called Icing Designs. I just adore how the women have long eyelashes and scarves while the men are wearing hats.

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Snowmen
Source #1: Icing Designs
Source #2: Speckled Egg

Large marshmallows (3 per pop)
6-inch Lollipop sticks
White chocolate candy melts
Yellow chocolate candy melts (scarves)
Chocolate candy melts (hats and eyes)
Orange Sprinkles (noses)
Pretzel Sticks & Mini Marshmallows (for babies)
Mini M&Ms
Waxed Paper
Cellophane bags & Ribbon (optional)

Push 3 marshmallows onto the sticks. The stick should come about 3/4 of the way through the top marshmallow (the head), but should not poke all the way through. The marshmallows should be touching each other (no gaps in between).

Melt white chocolate according to the package directions in a medium bowl.

Working quickly, dip marshmallow pops into the white chocolate. The marshmallows need to be completely covered, or they will get hard and yucky. Shake slightly to allow excess to drip off. Place on waxed paper. While the chocolate is still wet, add M&Ms for eyes, nose and buttons.

Allow chocolate to set. Peel from waxed paper and wrap in cellophane. Tie with ribbon and store in a cool place.

*Add some other decorations to the snowmen. Orange sprinkles for the nose, maybe pretzel stick arms or a scarf made from a fruit roll-up or icing. Be creative and have fun!!!

**If you want to make a snow "man" You can cut a marshmallow in half and instead of letting the chocolate drip off, put it on the waxed paper and move it in a circular motion to create a hat brim. Once dry, you can use some melted chocolate to "glue" it on to the top of the snowman!

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