Monday, July 15, 2013

Wedding {Cookie} Favors

I'm back!!!! Were you starting to worry about me? Starting to wonder if I was going to come back? :) Sorry about the longer than planned "break" from blogging. We packed up our things and moved to a new house. While unpacking and getting settled in, the month of June seemed to come and go right before my eyes! Plus it's summertime (my favorite season of the year) so I've enjoyed doing lots of fun things with my family lately. The break from blogging was much needed but it's good to be back.

So let me show you a project that I had the honor of doing just two weeks ago.  Our friends Top and Stella got married and asked me to make their wedding {cookie} favors.  I was ecstatic to make their wedding favors and also excited to break in the new ovens in my kitchen. :)  

These sugar cookies served as both their wedding cake and favors hence the reason they are in the shape of a wedding cake. Each box held six cookies in all.  Their initials were displayed on top.


They turned out just as I had hoped and the boxes wrapped with a white ribbon completed the look.  It was such a fun project to work on and I'm so glad the bride and groom liked them!

Congratulations Stella and Top. Thank you for letting me be a part of your very special day!

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  1. Hi Kathie,
    The cookies are beautiful with a capital "B"! I can easily see how the bride and groom
    (& guests) loved them. Don't worry about not posting on a regular basis, we all will check in from time to time. So glad you are enjoying the summer and family. I have been doing the same. I love summer too but just a wee part of me is look forward to the fall so that I can break out the crock pot and get me some of the Chicken and Dumplings that you taught me to make. We love that in this house and yes I have added some peas and carrots to it and now we call it Kathie's chicken pot pie stew! Thanks again, Glad all is well with you,