Sunday, January 13, 2013

Beyblade Cake

Yesterday my first born turned SIX!!!! How did that happen? How did time fly by so quickly?  Today we had his birthday party and he's been asking me for months to have a Beyblades birthday cake.  This kid only plays with 2 things right now....Legos and Beyblades!

Of course this mama listened. The smile on his face when we saw his birthday cake was priceless!  He loved it!!!

Little does he know, this cake was super simple to make.  I bought the edible rice paper image off of Amazon and just applied it to the top of the cake and then iced a border around it. "Easy peasy, nice and easy" as C would put it!

I am feeling very blessed right now. We had such a fun day today with C, his sister, and a couple friends. My heart is overflowing tonight. Happy 6th Birthday big guy!


  1. Time does fly ... Happy Birthday to your Boy. My youngest was 6 years old 24 years ago already ! Enjoy Kathie !

  2. Both of them are so cute!
    I mean the birthday boy and the cake!