Monday, October 15, 2012

Rectangular Kit Kat Cake

Here's a different twist on the Kit Kat and M&M cake. This type of cake has taken over blog-land but you'll mostly see it in round cakes.  It also makes quite an impressive rectangular cake.

I made this quarter sheet cake for my really good friend at work. Ever since I started working at the bakery {last winter} it was always her and I in the kitchen together. We are the only 2 daytime bakers/cake decorators. We hit it off immediately and work extremely well together. My strengths are her weaknesses and vice versa. We often have the same idea/thought in our heads and jive well together.  We shared plenty of great laughs every day and working with her made me look forward to going to work the next day.

Saturday was T's last day at the bakery. I am going to miss her so much but I'm excited about the new adventure she is about to begin. I wish her all the best and had to send her off with my very favorite cake - Kit Kat and M&M's.

This cake took 15 packages of Kit Kats and about half of a super size bag of M&M's (the large bags you find at Costco or Sam's Club).  Underneath all the candy is a chocolate cake iced with fudge icing. I presented the cake to T and then we cut it and shared it with all the customers at the bakery.  I've made lots of Kit Kat and M&M cakes but this is the first time I've ever EATEN one. WOW!!! It was so good but SO SWEET! A little slice of this cake goes a long way. Be prepared to wash it down with a big glass of milk! :)

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  1. This cake looked amazing and more importantly, tasted delicious!! Thank you Kathie for making my last day so special. You are such a dear friend!