Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thai Tea Pudding

A friend of mine posted pictures of some Thai Tea Pudding on her facebook page the other day. I begged her for the recipe since I am a huge fan of Thai Iced Tea. Sorry for the odd measurements. Some are in ounces, while other ingredients are in tablespoons, teaspoons, and even grams! My friend was so kind to translate the recipe from Thai to English so that I could interpret it. Luckily my digital scale will easily go back and forth from ounces to grams so I didn't have any issues in making it.

It wasn't sweet as I had imagined but none-the-less a great way to end dinner.

Thai Tea Pudding
Source: Nisha

8.82 oz. water
4 T. Thai tea powder
2 t. gelatin powder
75 g. Milk
80 g. Whipping cream
4 T. Sugar

50 g. Whipping cream
Icing sugar (optional)
Mint leaf

1. Boil/microwave 1 cup of water until warm, put in Thai tea power, stir until you can see an amber color of tea. Set aside for 5 mins.

2. Soak gelatin sheet with water until soft (5-10 mins).

3. Filter out tea leaves from Thai tea mixture. You will get ~1/2 cup of Thai tea.

4. Add milk and sugar into a pot and heat it until sugar is dissolved.

5. Mix soften gelatin sheet (squeezed dry) with warm milk until dissolved.

6. Add whipping cream and stir.

7. Pour mixture into 3 cups and chill for at least 6 hours.

8. Whip the cream and sugar, put on top of pudding and serve chilled with mint leaf on top.


  1. I've been thinking about making a Thai tea pudding for a few weeks now. This seems to be more of a Thai tea gelatin, though. By gelatin sheets, I presume that you mean agar gel sheets?

  2. Hi AV,
    You are correct. This Thai tea pudding was more like a gelatin/jello than a pudding. I used Knox Unflavored Gelatin powder. You could also use gelatin sheets. I apologize but I am unfamiliar with agar gel sheets.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Mmmm - Thai tea is one of my favorites, so I know I'll love this! My dad's always loved it too, so I think I'll make it for his birthday next month. :)