Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fish Tacos

These fish tacos are AMAZING!!! I was first introduced to fish tacos about 3 years ago at The Taste of Ann Arbor and have been a huge fan since then.  This recipe for beer-battered fish on corn tortillas did not disappoint. We will be having these again very soon.  The only change I had to make to the recipe was to tone the sauce down a bit for my kiddos.  The 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper proved to be a bit too spicy but you can adjust it to your own liking. 

Fish Tacos

1 c. flour
2 T. cornstarch
1 t. baking powder
1/2 t. salt
1 egg
1 c. beer
1/2 c. plain yogurt
1/2 c. mayo
1 jalapeño pepper, minced
1 t. minced capers
1/2 t. dried oregano
1/2 t. ground cumin
1/2 t. dried dill weed
1 t. ground cayenne pepper
1 quart oil for frying
1 lb. cod fillets, cut into 2 to 3 oz. portions
1 (12 oz.) pkg. corn tortillas
1/2 medium head cabbage, finely shredded

1. To make beer batter: In a large bowl, combine flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt. Blend egg and beer, then quickly stir into the flour mixture (don't worry about a few lumps).

2. To make white sauce: In a medium bowl, mix together yogurt and mayonnaise. Gradually stir in fresh lime juice until consistency is slightly runny. Season with jalapeño, capers, oregano, cumin, dill, and cayenne.

3. Heat oil in deep-fryer to 375 degrees F.

4. Dust fish pieces lightly with flour. Dip into beer batter, and fry until crisp and golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Lightly fry tortillas; not too crisp. To serve, place fried fish in a tortilla, and top with shredded cabbage and white sauce.


  1. These sound pretty tasty. I only had a fish taco once and unfortunately it was at a fast food place and it wasn't good at all. But I could go for something like this and I'm sure my hubby would love it. TFS!

  2. These sound yummy...could you use a tilapia?