Monday, February 13, 2012

Culinary School - Weeks 4 and 5

I'm a bit behind in keeping you up-to-date about culinary school. During the last couple of weeks in Cake Decorating class we were introduced to fondant. What a neat medium to work with! We practiced making roses out of gum paste and also had to decorate a cake with fondant. Each student was assigned a certain cake to decorate (anniversary, baby shower, bridal shower, graduation, etc). I was assigned a 3-tier bridal shower cake and the colors had to be pink, grey, and black. It was up to me to sketch a draft and recreate it during class. Here's my cake. I was very excited about it...very clean and modern...just my style!

In Artisan Breads class we made Whole Wheat Sourdough, Olive Sourdough, Hawaiian Sourdough, Pan de Ciocclate, Sweet Rustic w/dried cherries, Normandy Apple and Sourdough Raisin two weeks ago. Last week we focused on flat breads and it was also our midterm. We made lavash, pita, bagels, pretzels, conchas, grissini, and more sourdough.

For my Show Pieces class we are still working on our chocolate show piece for the upcoming chocolate competition.

That's all for now. I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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  1. Kathie ~ Wow. I love your cake. You described it perfectly. I love the clean lines - not a whole lot of fru-frue. You did a great job. Can't wait to see the chocolates.