Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 Down, 8 To Go!

This week in my cooking class we made soups! Each group was assigned different soups to make and in the end we got to eat them all! I was in charge of making vegetarian Minestrone. There were seven total: Chicken Consomme, Vegetarian Minestrone, French Onion, Cream of Mushroom, Lobster Bisque, Roasted Squash, and Smoked Trout Chowder. I am not a seafood lover so the soups I tried were French Onion, Minestrone, and Cream of Mushroom. I LOVED the cream of mushroom soup! It was so creamy and full of flavor. There were even sauted mushrooms to add to the top as a garnish.

We didn't have to go to school on Friday because it was closed for Good Friday. Here's the funny story of the week... On Saturday I got to class at 6:45am. I felt well rested and was very excited to make soups. I grabbed my bag, my apron, and my chef hat and began to step out of my car. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I began to panic. "Oh crap! I forgot my knife kit!!!!" My knife kit is the size of a small suitcase and has ALL of my tools that I need for class each day. Can't really cook without it!!!! My heart began racing as I proceeded into my classroom to inform the Chef (my teacher). I was pretty sure he was going to send me home since I wasn't prepared. Luckily we had lecture for the first hour and I was able to call my hubby who saved the day. He had to wake the kids up and drag them to my school but I was able to meet them out in the parking lot and get my knife kit right before we started cooking. It was PERFECT timing and my hubby really did save the day!

For my sanitation class homework this week, we had to go to two restaurants and observe. Then we had to write a paper explaining 8 compliances and 8 non-compliances that we had found. I ended up having to go to 3 restaurants because I wasn't able to find any non-compliances at my favorite sushi restaurant (which is a good thing)! I had no problem finding those non-compliances at Subway and Steak-N-Shake though. This class has really opened my eyes and made me a lot more aware/paranoid about going out to eat!


  1. Kathie I love following along with your new adventure in chefiness! You'll be a HUGE restaurant snob, and cleanliness snob in general, after going through the food safety/serve safe courses! When I was at Sysco we took them, and it was a big eye opener!

  2. Erin,
    You know exactly what I'm going through then! :) I have to take the ServSafe certification in a couple more weeks!

    Thanks for following my blog!

  3. Ryan FTW - thank goodness he was in the country. LOL :-) Glad things are going so well at school. You can really tell from your blog how excited you are!!