Thursday, February 24, 2011

Himalayan Salt Block

Seems we've had a little salt addiction going on in our house lately. It all started out several months ago when one of my hubby's co-workers brought us back a little gift after going on a trip to NYC. She brought us a little glass container filled with Lemon Flake finishing salt. I love this stuff!!! So far I've sprinkled it on steak, chicken, and pasta. It adds such wonderful flavor to any meal.

After discovering how amazing that finishing salt was, a bit more research was done and we ended up with a Himalayan Salt Block for our outdoor grill! This block is 8 x 8 x 1.5. You basically heat it up to a very hot temperature and then sear any kind of meat or even vegetables on it. So far we've had filet, flank steak, delmonico, and portobello mushrooms on it. It's the most amazing meat I've ever eaten. There's no need to marinate any of the steaks because the salt block adds all the flavoring you need.

The pictures show us cooking thinly sliced pieces of flank steak that my hubby and I had for dinner the other day. Even my toddler (who won't eat meat a lot of times) chowed down on this steak.

For more information on flavoring salt or Himalayan Salt Blocks check out The Meadow. I'm sure we'll be using and experimenting with our salt block a lot this summer.

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