Sunday, April 15, 2012

Green Tea Kit Kat

I have an unusual post to share with you today. While there is no recipe, I wanted to share something my friend brought back from Japan for me to try...Green Tea Kit Kats! YUM!!!

I love green tea so of course I loved eating this Kit Kat. It had a very subtle green tea flavor but was quite good! It also got my mind wandering. What other kinds of Kit Kats are sold in Japan? Turns out, Japan has sold over 80 different kinds of Kit Kats! I feel so left out with just the milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate versions sold here in the US.

According to this article, one of the reasons Kit Kats are so popular in Japan is because Kit Kat is very similar to the phrase “kitto katsu”, which is a common sentiment of good luck (the phrase literally means “You shall surely win!”). Because of this, Kit Kats have become a small good luck charm given out to students taking school entrance exams.

Another reason Kit Kats are such a hit in Japan has to do with their marketing. Varieties of Kit Kats are quickly introduced and then pulled from the market to increase demand. In addition, certain varieties of Kit Kats are based on regional tastes, and are not always available nationwide.

Here are some of the Kit Kat flavors in Japan. Would you try them all? I know there are several I would love to eat and others I would probably stay away from.

* Soy Sauce
* Strawberry
* Apple Vinegar
* Salted Caramel
* Apple
* Pineapple
* ChocoBanana
* Yuzu and Pepper
* Red Soup
* Muscat Grape
* Watermelon
* Candied Sweet Potato
* Baked Potato
* Blood Orange
* Ginger Ale
* Veggie
* Royal Milk Tea
* Berry Wine
* Grilled Corn
* Miso

Thanks Nicha! Thank you for bringing back this delicious candy from Japan and for sparking my interest in Kit Kats!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am so having Nate pick up some Kit-Kats the next time he is in Japan!

  2. I'm not a green tea fan, but some of those others sound pretty interesting. I don't know that I'd try them all, but some of them, definately. Would be havoc for the diabetes though, lol!