Friday, November 19, 2010

Turkey #5

Check out these super cute turkeys!! And they even have legs!!! Wouldn't these be perfect to send with your kid to share at school or to serve at your family's Thanksgiving dinner? Some people will think these little guys are just too cute to eat!

Turkey #5 - Gobble Gobble Turkey with Feet
Source: Cookies and Cups

Double Stuff Oreos
Pretzel sticks
Chocolate covered marshmallows (New from Kraft!)
White decorating icing
Black and red decorating icing
Candy Corn

Take your Double Stuff Oreos and break your pretzel sticks into small pieces, about an inch, and push them gently into the bottom of the Oreo, like legs. Press 5 candy corn in the top, like feathers. Next take some white decorating icing and put a squirt in the middle to work as glue to hold your turkey's head on. Press a chocolate marshmallow or Whopper on to this. Now you have a head! Then dot on some white icing for eyes and then use your gel or sprinkle to give your eye a black center. Squeeze a little icing on to attach the beak. (For the beak cut off the top (white) part of a candy corn and color it orange with a food marker if you have one.) Then squeeze on some red for his gobble. Let it dry, so the head doesn't fall off and you're done! Super cute!

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