Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stuffed Zucchini

I just love zucchini in the summertime and luckily I have a mom that has a ton of it in her garden this year!

This is a recipe I ate a lot as a kid. It was my grandma's recipe. I tweaked it just a bit by adding in some fresh tomatoes from the garden. They turned out great and are even healthy for you. (I can't say that about many of my recipes that I post on here! :)

Please note that these are nice size zucchinis, not the little things you find in the grocery store. Those would probably be too small to stuff.

Stuffed Zucchini
Source: Grandma H.

2 medium zucchinis
1 c. mushrooms, finely chopped
1 c. grated Cheddar cheese
3 slices wheat bread, torn into pieces
1/2 c. onion, chopped
1/4 t. chicken bouillon granules (I would probably use a 1/2 t. next time)
1/3 c. chicken broth
1/4 t. garlic powder
1 lb. ground turkey, browned and drained
2 tomatoes, diced (optional)

Cut zucchini in half lengthwise. Scoop out seeds and pulp, leaving 1/4 inch shell. Discard seeds. Chop pulp in medium bowl and combine remaining ingredients. Fill each zucchini shell with 1/4 of the mixture. Wrap stuffed zucchini in 2 layers of foil. Place on grill over hot coals and cook for 15 minutes. Or you can bake (uncovered) at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes, depending on how big your zucchinis are.

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  1. I tried this with sausage instead of ground turkey. It was by far the best stuffed zucchini that we have ever tasted. Thanks for sharing. --Jen :)